The new Kiviks card

The new Kiviks card

The new Kiviks card

The new Kiviks card is a major investment from us, which is open most of the year and wants to offer you who live or commute to Kiviksbygd unique offers and discounts - All year round!
The offers are adapted according to season, supply and demand and are specially selected for you who live, shop, eat and experience locally. All current offers can be found below.

Keep an eye out - the page is updated from time to time
and offers vary!

Purchase points for the new Kivikskortet:
Bondens Skafferi, Buhres på Kivik, Kiviks art gallery & shop, Kiviks Museum, Kiviks Musteri, Svabesholms Kungsgård and Tryffelsvinet.

The card costs SEK 300 and is valid from 2023-09-01–2024-08-31

Current offers

Buhres at Kivik

We leave 15% on
Buhre's Seafood Soup
(word SEK 249)
Price with card SEK 212
and 15% on our shrimp sandwich
Prawn sandwich (word SEK 195)
Price with card SEK 166

8 February – 27 March
Sunday–Thursday 11:00–16:00
Friday–Saturday 11:00–22:00

In the shop we leave 10% on our herring inserts.
Price with card SEK 53

Open in the STORE
8 February – 30 June
Monday–Friday 10:00–18:00
Saturday-Sunday 10:00-16:00
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Studio Best guy
Atelier Best Guy

Favorable prices on paintings with the New Kiviks card.
Artist Helena Stövegård
Watercolors Acrylic, oil. Open
according to the agreement.
0702 692538

Kivik's Museum

10% on booked guided hikes. The Kiviks card is shown at the checkout for the discount to apply.

The truffle pork

Closed for the season. Opens in March 2024.

ICA Supermarket Kivik

10% on everything in the charque

Kiviks Hotel
Conference & Spa

10% discount on SPA package Kivik

MD Production

15% discount when ordering a new website (regardless of which package you choose). If you order this, you also get a free website with me for 1 year if you need one.

Kivik's Art Gallery & Shop

Closed for the season. Opens until Easter.

The harbor sheds

Closed for the season.

Kivik's Musteri

During February, you who have the Kivikskortet have 10% discount on Red Love, both must and cider.

offer. the kiwi card February

RED LOVE APPLE MUST – The must from Red Love turns dark pink. It is sold clear-filtered in 27.5 cl bottles that cost SEK 25 at regular price.

RED LOVE APPLE CIDER - From this pink must we also ferment a fresh cider that is best enjoyed well chilled. The cider is sold in bottles that are 75 cl, contain 2.2% alcohol and cost SEK 75 at regular price.

Ekenäs Gård

Closed for the season. Opens again for Easter.

Svabesholm's Royal Palace

Coffee with the food when buying our nutritious sandwiches.

Oriental Vintage

10% on the entire range.

Farmer's Pantry

10% discount on the entire purchase on presentation of the Kiviks card. Valid up to and including 31/12-2023.

The English Garden

Driftwood Interior
Driftwood Interior

Malama Traders
Malama Traders

Closed for the season.

The gadget bureau
The gadget bureau

Closed for the season.

The Kivik card is personal and may not be transferred or used by anyone other than the holder, whose name must appear clearly on the back of the card. The cardholder may therefore be asked to show identification.
The discounts apply in the stores connected to the Kiviks card and only during the card's validity period. Does not apply to alcoholic beverages.
The card is valid for an unlimited number of purchases with the specified discount during the period, but cannot be combined with other discounts, sales or offers. In the stores that offer a discount on selected goods, the discounted range/selection may therefore vary.
Check the stores' opening hours and any offers before you go shopping.