Your guide to KIVIK area


Welcome to Kivik

Fritidsbåtar, apple trees, markets, fairs and lots of culture – so much of all, and yet so close to it all! Kivik is one of the true pearls of Österlen, a hamlet of ancient lineage with lots to see and experience, and with a growing supply of shops, restaurants and cafés.
The old fishing village of Kivik is a tasteful blend of older and newer buildings.

A walk in the old town close to the harbour is a pure pleasure. Here the author Fritiof Nilsson Piraten spent happy summers, sometimes in the company of his eccentric friend Sten Broman. At Kivik is also the oldest Österlen museum and one of Sweden's oldest cinemas!
The pleasant climate have made into a Centre for the Kivik Swedish Apple cultivation. When Apple crops bloom in may, it is even more beautiful than usual in our surroundings. A warm autumn day offers colorful walking both along the coast and inland in the hilly countryside.

In Österlen hundreds of artists and crafters are working, and it was here that the first Art round was held Easter 1969. In the South there is Stenshuvud, Sweden's southernmost National Park, with a rare rich fauna and flora. To the North are beginning to the country's longest and perhaps finest sand beach, which runs all the way to Åhus.
Welcome to Kivik!

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